Regza Group Software - Refund Policy

30 Day Money Back Policy
We offers 30-day money back guarantee, if our software fails to perform their respective job. We at Regza Software always make full proof solution to fits on your satisfaction level. All our range of solutions are best in recovering / migrate maximum possible data from one source to another.
If you realise you get the corrupted file after recovery, then you can instantly connect with us for assistance and if our team fails to rectify your case, then you can also ask for Money Back.

Try Demo Version is Strongly Recommended

We strongly recommended to download our demo version software and try it as your requirement and get an clear idea about how recovery/migration will works in your case.

Simple Guidlines of Refund

We initiate the refund when some below parameters are fulfills-

If our demo software shows your data but you can’t recover these data with FULL version software. Before asking for money back, you must contact with our Technical Support team and explain your concern in brief, so our technical staff tried to fix your software issues and resolve the problem. During the resolution process our technical support staff may asked you to send your files for recovery on our labs via email attachment or secure FTP's,! We always kept private and protect the files and data you send to our labs and will be deleted from our system after sending the recovery files to the customer.

Once our technical staff fails to help you, then we will refund your money.

Full Refund is not applicable in following cases:

  • If customer refuses to send their files via email attachment or via secure FTP server to our labs.
  • Do not want to have it any more
  • Customer purchased the software Accidentally
  • Lack of software requirements – Customer buy’s the software without trying our demo version..
  • Did not actually meant to purchase it
  • Use on another plateform - Customer requires to operate the software on another plateform
  • No refund after 30 days of purchase

For Wrong Product Purched

Customer can asked for partial refund or exchange of product, if he/she realise that he/she ordered the wrong product.

Company refund the partitial amount of 60% of software cost excluding the VAT/Tax.

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